Top 5 Shopping Apps for the Holidays

While this year it’s more important than ever to shop local, we understand it’s not always an option when looking for a specific gift. We encourage everyone to shop local and shop small when possible, but when you’re looking to stay inside and shop online iDropped phone repair has you covered! Here are our top shopping apps for 2020.


Etsy is the best way to shop small and shop online! Shop millions of handmade, personalized, one-of-a-kind gifts that are sure to impress the recipient! Esty is available online and on an app.


On eBay, you’ll find new or gently used items at a discounted price. Perfect for gifts and stocking stuffers for the holidays! eBay is also available to shop online.


Honey instantly finds discounts and coupons for your favorite online stores and then automatically applies them to your order during checkout. This gets you instant savings. Honey is available online and even has a toolbar extension so you’re alerted of discounts on any site you visit.


If you have some extra time and want to save money, check out the Wish app. Perfect for small stocking stuffers and small gift add ons for your friends and loved ones!

Facebook Marketplace

You can find the marketplace on your Facebook app. Around this time of year, there are many people who make custom gifts selling their creations on Facebook. Another great way to shop small and local during the holidays!

2020 has been hard for many local and small businesses across the country and the world. We recommend supporting small businesses during the holidays and beyond. Your local iDropped location is also a small business! Rather than purchasing a new phone when your smartphone needs repair you can support a local business, save money, and fix your device at iDropped! We hope to see you soon and have a great holiday season!

Cell Phone Speaker Not Working? Here’s What to Do

Does this sound familiar? You answer a call on your phone. As you start the conversation, you notice that the sound quality isn’t the best that it can be. Either the other person at the end of the phone line is speaking very low or you can’t hear them at all. It’s frustrating, especially if you use your phone all the time.

If your cell phone speaker is not working, it could be a sign of an underlying problem with your phone. But before you purchase a new phone or head to the cell phone repair shop, here are a few troubleshooting steps you can take to solve the problem.

Check Your Audio Levels

This may seem like a no-brainer but it’s an important step to finding out what’s wrong with your phone speaker. Check the volume on your phone by either moving the volume’s slider or adjusting the volume through the phone’s buttons.

If the volume is set at maximum level and you still can’t hear a sound, there is an issue with the phone speaker and you’ll need to take it to the nearest iDropped location to fix the problem.

Turn Off Bluetooth

Do you like to use a Bluetooth speaker or headset when listening to your phone? There may be a chance that your phone is connected to that device, even if you’re not near the device.

Many people don’t realize that the range of a Bluetooth device is typically 30 feet away, depending on the environment. So even if you’re not in the same room as that speaker, it still may be connected to your device!

Try turning off the Bluetooth connection on the phone and see if the sound returns.

Test Your Sound on a Headset

If adjusting the volume doesn’t work and the sound doesn’t return after turning off your Bluetooth, it’s time to figure out if it’s a speaker issue or if it’s an issue with the phone itself. Grab a set of headphones and try testing the sound again. If the sound plays in your headphones, then there is a problem with your phone’s hardware.

Make Sure “Do Not Disturb” Mode Isn’t On

When you select the Do Not Disturb mode on your phone, all notifications will be silenced, including incoming calls. You may have turned this feature on accidentally or you have it scheduled for a certain period of time during the day. Whatever the case may be, make sure Do Not Disturb is off and you are able to receive notifications.

Reset Your Phone

If you tried everything above and your phone is still not producing sound, you may need to reset the phone to factory settings. Before you do this, make sure you back up your phone so you don’t lose any important data or photos.

Remember, you want to do a full reset and not just a reboot. Rebooting the phone may not clear the problem as it may be an issue with an app or a recent update to the phone’s operating system. Instead, you’re going to want to “Reset All Settings” on an iPhone or “Erase All Data” on an Android.

Take It to iDropped

If you followed all the steps above and your cell phone speaker is not working still, it’s time to call in the professionals!

Our cell phone repair experts can fix phone speaker issues on any mobile device — from the newest model of iPhones to Galaxy series devices to even tablets. So before giving up your phone for good and buying a new phone, why don’t you head over to your nearest iDropped location? We’ll get your phone up and running in no time!

Stop Believing These 5 Common Cell Phone Repair Myths

Many of us go to lengths to avoid fixing our phones. We’ll try anything to either ignore the issue or do it ourselves. But in reality, but ignoring the issue, you’re further damaging your phone.

With so many common cell phone repair myths floating around on the internet, the cell phone repair experts at iDropped have decided to debunk five of the most common we hear daily from our customers.

Myth 1: Rice Will Fix a Water Damaged Phone

You’re out fishing. You hear the familiar beep of a text message from your wife and you fumble for your phone. It slips out of your hands right into the water, plop! Fortunately, you were able to grab it before it sunk into the murky abyss.

So how can you fix the water-logged device? Uncooked rice, of course! As we all have heard at one time or another, sticking your phone into uncooked rice overnight will fix it right up.

Well, no.

While it’s true that the rice may absorb some of the water, it cannot prevent the corrosion of the motherboard. Not only did the water do some damage, but the rice will further damage the phone since its remnants can speed up the corrosion.

Myth 2: A Third Party Fixing the Phone Will Void the Warranty

When purchasing any type of product, you may be told that only the manufacturer or a certified technician should touch your phone. Not only does a certified technician have the stamp of approval from the manufacturer but it could void the warrant if opened by a third-party technician.

And while this may be the case in a major repair, when it comes to a minor issue such as a cracked screen or battery replacement, the warranty will not be voided. In fact, many of these minor fixes are best handled by third-party technicians, who handle these repairs every day, then a certified technician who may not have the same experience.

Myth 3: You Can Fix the Phone On Your Own

Are you a DIY warrior? Do you consider yourself pretty handy? Then you can totally fix the phone without any help!

Not only is this untrue, but you could damage the phone even further.

When it comes to cell phones, there is a special set of tools needed to repair your device. At iDropped, not only do we have the right tools to take apart your phone, but we also have specialized machines that can fix your screen. We’re quick, we’re thorough, and we’ll get your phone working just like it did before it was broken.

Myth 4: A Cracked Screen is Just an Aesthetic Issue

A shattered screen doesn’t mean the phone is broken, right? It just means your cell phone is not as pretty as it once was.

As we’ve mentioned in a previous blog, not only does a cracked screen make your cell phone look awful, but can cause serious problems to the phone down the road. It can prevent you from using even the most basic tasks such as reading an email or sending a text message. And the longer you ignore the issue, the worse it’s going to get.

Myth 5: The Cell Phone Repair Shop Will Look Through Your Phone

We store a lot of personal information on our phones. Contact information, emails, social media accounts, photos — all that hackable information just waiting to get in the wrong hands. So, if you get your cell phone fixed, how can they resist looking through your phone, right?

Besides the fact that iDropped technicians are reputable and honest, we guarantee that your information will remain confidential and safely stored on your phone. If for some reason we need to power on and even look into your phone, approval will be asked. We can guarantee that your phone will remain safe during the time of repair.

When it comes to cell phone repair, you don’t want to mess around. For many of us, our phones are our lives. Instead of following these cell phone repair myths and causing more harm, take your device to the nearest iDropped location. We’ll get it back in working order before you know it!

How to Protect Your Cell Phone

These days, our cell phones are like part of the family. We keep them close and rely heavily on them to get through our days. It’s where we keep our favorite photos and memories, how we connect with others, and how we manage work. That’s why it’s so important that we take the right safety precautions to ensure our device remains intact and in working order. Mistakes are bound to happen though and fortunately iDropped offers Wilkes Barre phone repair to quickly get your phone back to working order! Here are some tips to avoid potential mistakes.

Avoid Water

Sometimes this is easier said than done. In the coming months, as the weather starts to turn for the better, we’ll be outdoors more enjoying pool time and more. Of course, photos will be taken, and communicating with family and friends will happen. But doing that in the water can cause some serious damage to your phone. While some phones are now waterproof, it’s still risky.  For example, most phones are waterproof only up to a certain extent. If the phone falls further than the estimated number of feet or meters, water pressure can cause many issues. Try keeping your phone in a waterproof bag or casing for additional protection. 

Protective Case & Screen Protector Usage

The sleek simple design your phone has is visually appealing by itself. But adding a protective case is essential to keeping your phone safe. There are a lot of stylish cases out there, but it’s important you make sure they will also do their job. A case with raised edges to protect your screen is best. A case with extra shock protection is also useful to protect your phone from damage in case it’s dropped.

Clean Your Cell Phone

Keeping your cell phone clean is very important. Did you know this – your cell phone has more germs than a toilet seat! Unlike washing your hands, you can’t easily clean your phone using soap and water. You shouldn’t clean your phone that way at all. Instead, start by removing your case, and turning your device off. Then unplug your cell phone. After that, wash your hands using soap and water. Get an anti-bacterial wipe or alcohol-based disinfectant cleaner, along with a scratch-free cloth. Gently wipe down your phone, including the screen. Find a cleaner that contains 70% isopropyl to clean your device. Do not use 100% alcohol cleaning products because they can damage your phone’s protective coatings. 

Visit an iDropped Franchise Location for More Help!

As we said earlier, accidents are bound to happen. Even while following cell phone safety precautions, you may still require the assistance of a cell phone repair expert to fix minor problems. Visit, message, or give us a call today!

How To Repair Your Laptop

Between remote work and virtual education, we’ve been putting our laptops to more use lately. Even with top-of-the-line models, wear and tear are bound to happen. This is due to carrying them around and dropping them, accidental spills, and general frequent use. All of this can lead to internal damage and sometimes screen damage. When this happens, your go-to solution may be to purchase a new laptop to quickly resolve the issue. However, there’s an even simpler, more affordable fix to get you back to work or school quickly.

Laptop repair experts at device repair stores, such as iDropped, can fix your laptop for much less and will have your laptop up and running again in no time! When looking for “laptop repair near me” think of iDropped as your secret weapon for device repair. 

Replacing a Laptop Screen

If you drop your laptop or somehow smash or crack its screen, it’s important to get this taken care of immediately. Should you try DIY screen replacement or repair, you could add to your laptop issues instead of resolving them. Instead of Googling how to fix it yourself, bring it into a repair shop. The technicians will be able to quickly identify what to do to fix it and make your laptop look brand new again.

Water and Liquid Damage Repair

If you spill water, coffee, or any liquid on your laptop, what comes next is very important to preserve or fix your screen. The first thing to do is unplug all the cords from the laptop. Then you should get a paper towel and dab your laptop to pick up excess liquids. Once that’s done, you’ll want to make sure all open areas, vents, etc. are clear of liquids and turn your computer over with the screen facing down. If you’re still having issues once all of these steps are completed, bring your laptop into an iDropped location right away for additional help. 

Issues are bound to happen the more we use our laptops at home and on the go. As time passes, they take a beating, and sometimes we don’t realize it until it’s too late or a major incident happens. But before thinking you need to spend $1000s on a new device, call your local iDropped store to see what the best next steps are. 

The Dangers of DIY Cell Phone Screen Repair

So let’s say your cell phone screen cracked right down the middle, making it impossible to read what’s on your phone. Buying a new phone is out of the question right now and you’ve heard that cell phone repair can be expensive.

You’re a handy sort of person, why not fix it yourself? After all, there are cell phone repair kits out so other people must be able to do it.

Before you go purchasing a cell phone screen repair kit, this blog is for you.

What You Need to Consider Before a DIY Cell Phone Screen Repair

Just a quick search on Amazon leads to hundreds of cell phone repair kits with prices ranging anywhere between $20 to $75. And with YouTube videos showing step by step instructions, it can’t be that hard, right?

Actually, it can be. Consumer Reports attempted to use one of these DIY cell phone screen replacement kits and found that it’s not that simple. Although the kits provide you with all the tools you need to get the job done, it’s doing the job itself that can be quite difficult.

Not only do you need to remove the screen successfully without damaging the phone any further, but you will need to disconnect the home button (if your phone has a home button still), the camera, the sensors, and the microphone. Then you’ll need to melt the adhesive without damaging the phone.

Not to mention the tiny screws that hold your cell phone together. All you need is one of those screws to go missing…then what?

What About Fixing the Crack Instead of Replacing the Screen?

If you ever had a small crack in the windshield of your car, you know there is a quick fix you can do on your own. Just a couple of drops of resin, place on a piece of the cured film, scrape off any residue, and voila! The crack disappears!

So if there’s a small crack in your cell phone screen, you can do the same thing, right?

Well, yes and no.

Here what many people fail to realize with those kits — they’re a temporary solution until you get the glass repaired. The glass is not really repaired. In fact, if something hits that exact spot, not only will the crack return but it will be worse than before.

And no, using household products like toothpaste or nail polish is not such a good idea either. All it takes is for toothpaste or baking soda to get into the circuitry underneath and then, no more phone.

Best to Have the Cell Phone Screen Repair Professionals Handle the Job

Of course, the number one reason why you should not attempt a DIY cell phone screen repair is the warranty. All it takes is one mistake and your phone will not turn on properly. But even with phone insurance, you may run the risk of having to pay more for either getting it fixed or getting a new phone entirely. Weren’t you trying to avoid that in the first place?

So instead of trying to fix that cracked screen on your own, why don’t you take it to your closest iDropped? We have the right tools, the experience, and the know-how to get your cell phone screen fixed right the first time around. Contact us today for more information.

The Top Reasons To Trust A Phone Repair Expert

There are a lot of resources available to help repair your broken phone at home. But just because those resources exist, that doesn’t mean that’s the best way to go. There are many reasons why you should get help from a phone repair expert instead.

Here are some of the top reasons for having an expert fix your phone.

Using the Right Tools

The repair experts have the correct tools available to them. That along with their experience enables them to repair your device correctly the first time. At all of our iDropped locations, you will also find specialized machines to fix cracked and damaged screens. We also have specialized tools that easily and efficiently break down and fix any device.

Save Resources

Throughout the years we have seen several customers bring in their phones after attempting to fix them on their own. What happened to those phones you ask? The damage done in fixing the phones at home was so extensive that they had to replace both the broken screen, as well as repair other parts of the phone. DIY fixes can sometimes cost you more in the long run.

Accurately Find the Problem

There’s no need to waste hours or even days searching online to figure why your phone isn’t working as it should. Usually, the problem is more severe than what Google shows anyway. When you bring your device to our experts, we do a scan of your phone to see what’s happening internally. This will save you time and frustration.

It does make sense to try to fix something on your own at first. But when it comes to something technical like phone repair, it’s best not to take the chance. The experts at iDropped are here to help you get your phone back to normal.

Can A Cell Phone Repair Shop Fix Water Damage?

Maybe you got caught in a rainstorm and your phone got soaked. Or perhaps you accidentally dropped it in the toilet. Maybe it was just a simple knocked-over glass of water. Whatever the case may be, you now have a soaked cell phone.

Although most cell phones nowadays do have some degree of waterproofing, water can still do some real damage to your phone. And after drying your phone, you may notice that some things aren’t working properly. So can it be saved? Or do you have to spend hundreds of dollars on a new phone?

The good news is yes, wet cell phone repair is possible. And yes, iDropped can fix any water damage that happened to your phone. But first, try these methods to stop any further damage to your phone.

Wet Cell Phone Repair: Can it Be Fixed?

Depending on the extent of damage that was done to the phone, it is possible that you may be able to fix the issue at home. Here’s what you should try, and what you shouldn’t.

What To Do

Remove the phone immediately from the source of the water. The longer it’s submerged, the harder it will be to fix it. If the phone is powered on still, turn it off immediately. An electrical charge can seriously damage wet circuitry so the quicker you can turn off the phone, the better.

Remove the case, if there is one. Keeping the case on the phone could trap water in the phone.

Dry off the phone as best as you can with a lint-free cloth. That includes the headphone jack, SIM slot, charger, even your camera lens!

You may want to disinfect the phone as well, especially if it fell in the toilet.

If you’re able to, remove the battery from the phone.

Stick your phone in a bag, seal it up and let it completely air out for at least 24 hours. You may also want to stick a paper towel or napkin in the bag to absorb any moisture.

What Not To Do

Do not put your phone in uncooked rice. As we’ve explained in a previous blog, that could cause more damage than fixing the issue.

Do not blow-dry on the phone or put it in the oven. As you can imagine, the heat will fry the delicate electronics inside rather than dry it out.

Do not start mashing on the buttons to make sure everything is working properly. That too could damage the phone.

And do not turn the phone back on for at least 24 hours. In fact, the longer you can go without turning it on, the better.

How iDropped Can Repair Your Water Damaged Phone

So you followed all the steps above. But once you started using your phone again, you noticed that things are not working as well as they use to. Maybe the water did more damage than you first thought!

If this is the case, it’s time to call in the experts. iDropped has been fixing water-damaged phones for years. We have the knowledge and experience needed to bring your phone back to its former self. Before you go buying a new phone, why don’t you take your phone to the closest wet cell phone repair shop? We’ll be happy to help!

Why Phone Screen Repair is Better Than Purchasing a New Phone

It’s bound to happen. You’re texting and multi-tasking, not paying close enough attention to what you’re doing. You bump into something and your phone goes flying out of your hand. Of course, it crashes and breaks and it didn’t have a screen protector. Now there’s a huge crack right in the middle of the screen.

Think you have to buy a new phone? Think again.

You don’t have to buy a new phone just because the screen is damaged. It’s best to replace the phone screen than purchase a new phone.

Here are few a reasons why you should simply replace your phone screen instead of buying a new phone.

1. It Saves Money

It’s nice to have the latest and greatest model of iPhone or Android phone. But the price tag that comes with it is hefty. There’s also a chance you might still be paying off your current phone too. That means double the costs.

Repairing your phone screen costs too, but it’s still the more affordable option.

2. Phone Repair Can Help the Environment

Cell phones are made with several rare elements. These include copper, gold, lithium, and cobalt. Due to consumer phone upgrades around the 2-year mark, these elements are consumed at an alarming rate. Scientists and experts predict that these elements will be depleted possibly in less than 100 years.

3. It Can Extend Your Phone’s Life

Ever think about your device’s lifespan? How limited it might be? As time progresses, and wear and tear occur, the sensitivity of your phone’s screen decreases. You may find that you have to push hard on the screen to get the phone to function properly.

Replacing your phone’s screen, prevents you from purchasing a new phone while giving your phone a longer lifespan. It can extend your phone’s life for several months, and possibly even years.

4. Broken Screens Prevent Proper Usage of Your Phone

Waiting to get your cracked screen fixed because you have an upgrade coming up can cause more harm in some cases. In fact, forgoing getting your phone’s screen repaired can keep you from taking advantage of advanced features each time your system updates. It can also affect basic usage, such as sending an email or text message.

iDropped Can Help!

The next time you damage your cell phone’s screen, head to your closest iDropped location. Our phone repair experts are able to repair any mobile device — iPhones, Galaxy series devices, and more. Contact our repair technicians today to see how we can help!

4 Reasons Why Phone Screen Repair is the Smarter Choice Than Purchasing a New Phone

It happens to the best of us. You’re texting your friend, not looking where you’re going, when you run into a chair. Your phone slips out of your hand, crashing facedown on the floor. You gasp, kicking yourself for not using a screen protector. Cringing, you pick it up, knowing already what awaits you. Sure enough, there’s a huge crack right smack in the middle of the screen.

Well, that’s just great, you think. Now you have to buy a new phone during the holiday season.

Wait! Before making that purchase, know that you don’t have to buy a new phone just because of a cracked screen. It’s smarter to replace the phone screen than purchase a new phone.

Don’t believe us? Here are four reasons why you should replace your phone screen instead of buying a new phone.

1. Fixing Your Cell Phone Saves Money

Sure the latest and greatest model of iPhone or Android phone is fantastic. But so is the price tag that comes with it. According to The Verge, new phone prices have increased over the few years — from $200 to approximately $1,000. And chances are, you might still be paying off your current phone, which means not only would you have to pay for a new phone but pay off the remaining balance of your old phone. Yikes!

Of course, there’s a cost that comes with repairing your phone screen; however, it’s still the cheaper option than purchasing a new phone.

2. A Phone Repair Can Lessen Your Phone’s Impact on the Environment

According to a recent article in the Independent, cell phones are made with around 30 rare elements, including copper, gold, lithium, and cobalt. Because most of us upgrade our cell phones every two years, these elements are being consumed at an alarming rate. Scientists predict that these elements will be depleted in less than 100 years. With Americans throwing out approximately 350,000 cell phones each day, imagine the environmental impact on our Earth.

3. A Phone Repair Can Extend Your Phone’s Life

Now that you know the impact your cell phone has on the environment, you may be thinking about your device’s limited lifespan. We all know that as time progresses, the sensitivity of your cell phone’s screen is reduced. Now you have to pound on the screen to get the phone to work.

But by replacing your cell phone’s screen, you not only save money and the environment, but you also increase the lifespan of that cell phone. A repair can extend your phone’s life months, even years!

4. A Broken Screen Can Prevent Proper Use of Your Cell Phone

Maybe you’ve decided to keep your phone and wait until it’s time to upgrade. You can live with a crack on the screen, right? It doesn’t affect reading text on the screen, so why replace the screen?

Well, actually, it is more severe than you think. In fact, not fixing your phone’s screen can prevent you from not only using the most advanced features of the phone, but it can even affect basic use such as sending an email or text message, issues unlocking the phone, and problems taking a simple photo.

iDropped Can Fix Your Cell Phone Good As New!

So the next time you crack your phone’s screen, before heading to your cell phone provider’s store, head to your closest iDropped location. Our cell phone repair experts can fix any mobile device — from iPhones to Galaxy series devices to even laptop screens! Do yourself a favor and contact our repair technicians today to learn how we can help!