Why Phone Screen Repair is Better Than Purchasing a New Phone

It’s bound to happen. You’re texting and multi-tasking, not paying close enough attention to what you’re doing. You bump into something and your phone goes flying out of your hand. Of course, it crashes and breaks and it didn’t have a screen protector. Now there’s a huge crack right in the middle of the screen.

Think you have to buy a new phone? Think again.

You don’t have to buy a new phone just because the screen is damaged. It’s best to replace the phone screen than purchase a new phone.

Here are few a reasons why you should simply replace your phone screen instead of buying a new phone.

1. It Saves Money

It’s nice to have the latest and greatest model of iPhone or Android phone. But the price tag that comes with it is hefty. There’s also a chance you might still be paying off your current phone too. That means double the costs.

Repairing your phone screen costs too, but it’s still the more affordable option.

2. Phone Repair Can Help the Environment

Cell phones are made with several rare elements. These include copper, gold, lithium, and cobalt. Due to consumer phone upgrades around the 2-year mark, these elements are consumed at an alarming rate. Scientists and experts predict that these elements will be depleted possibly in less than 100 years.

3. It Can Extend Your Phone’s Life

Ever think about your device’s lifespan? How limited it might be? As time progresses, and wear and tear occur, the sensitivity of your phone’s screen decreases. You may find that you have to push hard on the screen to get the phone to function properly.

Replacing your phone’s screen, prevents you from purchasing a new phone while giving your phone a longer lifespan. It can extend your phone’s life for several months, and possibly even years.

4. Broken Screens Prevent Proper Usage of Your Phone

Waiting to get your cracked screen fixed because you have an upgrade coming up can cause more harm in some cases. In fact, forgoing getting your phone’s screen repaired can keep you from taking advantage of advanced features each time your system updates. It can also affect basic usage, such as sending an email or text message.

iDropped Can Help!

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