Corporate Discount Program

Thank you for your interest in the iDropped corporate discount program. As a corporate member, we are please to extend to you a discount of 10% off any repairs performed by iDropped. In addition you will also receive a 20% discount off any diagnostics, software updates, and/or restores. Below, please find further details on the program and enrollment process. We are excited to have you as a potential corporate member and we look forward to welcoming you into one of our iDropped locations in the near future.

Program Details and Enrollment Instructions:

  1. Complete the online enrollment form with all necessary information.
  2. Once the enrollment form is received and processed, you will be sent a confirmation email.
  3. After receiving the email, employees may at anytime stop by an iDropped Corporate Location for repairs or service.
  4. Upon checkout, employees will simply present their company ID or other form of proof with at least one form of identification.
  5. Receive the corporate discount and enjoy your repaired device!

Corporate Discount Program Sign-up Form

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