About iDropped Inc.

Born in 2012 in Northeastern Pennsylvania, iDropped Inc. has become one of the fastest-growing Repair Centers on the East Coast. Here at iDropped we are actively looking for well-rounded, tech-savvy individuals to join our youthful and energetic work environment. If you bring the drive, ambition, and desire to grow with us, we will provide the knowledge, training, and the potential for limitless advancement within our company.

Benefits of working at iDropped:
▪ Paid Time Off*
▪ Excellent Medical Coverage*
▪ Performance-Based Salaries*
▪ Employee Discounts*

Available Positions

As humans have doctors and cars have mechanics, the world of Apple™ and Samsung™ products have iDroppped Technicians. Masters in their field, iDropped technicians go through a rigorous corporate training program. Upon completion, a technician will play a very unique role in the iDropped Repair Center. This role requires one to provide superior customer service, excel in sales, and be able to execute all repairs. iDropped Technicians are problem solvers who have the ability to reconnect customers with the world and assist customers in making sure this connection is never broken again.

Lead Tech
Lead Tech’s nurture new talent while developing their own management skills. They are required to pass on their own knowledge and experience while at the same time expanding their capabilities and taking on new responsibilities, such as inventory control, financial monitoring, and technician training. These responsibilities are stepping stones that enable individuals to understand the business from a managerial standpoint as they blossom into future Store Managers.

Repair Center Manager
Repair Center Managers at iDropped Inc. are not confined to a back room. They are on the front line, connecting with customers, repairing devices, and developing future leaders. A manager is a database-backed by experience which enables them to troubleshoot any device issue. A manager leads the charge by overseeing store operations, its financial outcome and potential for growth.