Stop Believing These 5 Common Cell Phone Repair Myths

Many of us go to lengths to avoid fixing our phones. We’ll try anything to either ignore the issue or do it ourselves. But in reality, but ignoring the issue, you’re further damaging your phone.

With so many common cell phone repair myths floating around on the internet, the cell phone repair experts at iDropped have decided to debunk five of the most common we hear daily from our customers.

Myth 1: Rice Will Fix a Water Damaged Phone

You’re out fishing. You hear the familiar beep of a text message from your wife and you fumble for your phone. It slips out of your hands right into the water, plop! Fortunately, you were able to grab it before it sunk into the murky abyss.

So how can you fix the water-logged device? Uncooked rice, of course! As we all have heard at one time or another, sticking your phone into uncooked rice overnight will fix it right up.

Well, no.

While it’s true that the rice may absorb some of the water, it cannot prevent the corrosion of the motherboard. Not only did the water do some damage, but the rice will further damage the phone since its remnants can speed up the corrosion.

Myth 2: A Third Party Fixing the Phone Will Void the Warranty

When purchasing any type of product, you may be told that only the manufacturer or a certified technician should touch your phone. Not only does a certified technician have the stamp of approval from the manufacturer but it could void the warrant if opened by a third-party technician.

And while this may be the case in a major repair, when it comes to a minor issue such as a cracked screen or battery replacement, the warranty will not be voided. In fact, many of these minor fixes are best handled by third-party technicians, who handle these repairs every day, then a certified technician who may not have the same experience.

Myth 3: You Can Fix the Phone On Your Own

Are you a DIY warrior? Do you consider yourself pretty handy? Then you can totally fix the phone without any help!

Not only is this untrue, but you could damage the phone even further.

When it comes to cell phones, there is a special set of tools needed to repair your device. At iDropped, not only do we have the right tools to take apart your phone, but we also have specialized machines that can fix your screen. We’re quick, we’re thorough, and we’ll get your phone working just like it did before it was broken.

Myth 4: A Cracked Screen is Just an Aesthetic Issue

A shattered screen doesn’t mean the phone is broken, right? It just means your cell phone is not as pretty as it once was.

As we’ve mentioned in a previous blog, not only does a cracked screen make your cell phone look awful, but can cause serious problems to the phone down the road. It can prevent you from using even the most basic tasks such as reading an email or sending a text message. And the longer you ignore the issue, the worse it’s going to get.

Myth 5: The Cell Phone Repair Shop Will Look Through Your Phone

We store a lot of personal information on our phones. Contact information, emails, social media accounts, photos — all that hackable information just waiting to get in the wrong hands. So, if you get your cell phone fixed, how can they resist looking through your phone, right?

Besides the fact that iDropped technicians are reputable and honest, we guarantee that your information will remain confidential and safely stored on your phone. If for some reason we need to power on and even look into your phone, approval will be asked. We can guarantee that your phone will remain safe during the time of repair.

When it comes to cell phone repair, you don’t want to mess around. For many of us, our phones are our lives. Instead of following these cell phone repair myths and causing more harm, take your device to the nearest iDropped location. We’ll get it back in working order before you know it!