How to Protect Your Cell Phone

These days, our cell phones are like part of the family. We keep them close and rely heavily on them to get through our days. It’s where we keep our favorite photos and memories, how we connect with others, and how we manage work. That’s why it’s so important that we take the right safety precautions to ensure our device remains intact and in working order. Mistakes are bound to happen though and fortunately iDropped offers Wilkes Barre phone repair to quickly get your phone back to working order! Here are some tips to avoid potential mistakes.

Avoid Water

Sometimes this is easier said than done. In the coming months, as the weather starts to turn for the better, we’ll be outdoors more enjoying pool time and more. Of course, photos will be taken, and communicating with family and friends will happen. But doing that in the water can cause some serious damage to your phone. While some phones are now waterproof, it’s still risky.  For example, most phones are waterproof only up to a certain extent. If the phone falls further than the estimated number of feet or meters, water pressure can cause many issues. Try keeping your phone in a waterproof bag or casing for additional protection. 

Protective Case & Screen Protector Usage

The sleek simple design your phone has is visually appealing by itself. But adding a protective case is essential to keeping your phone safe. There are a lot of stylish cases out there, but it’s important you make sure they will also do their job. A case with raised edges to protect your screen is best. A case with extra shock protection is also useful to protect your phone from damage in case it’s dropped.

Clean Your Cell Phone

Keeping your cell phone clean is very important. Did you know this – your cell phone has more germs than a toilet seat! Unlike washing your hands, you can’t easily clean your phone using soap and water. You shouldn’t clean your phone that way at all. Instead, start by removing your case, and turning your device off. Then unplug your cell phone. After that, wash your hands using soap and water. Get an anti-bacterial wipe or alcohol-based disinfectant cleaner, along with a scratch-free cloth. Gently wipe down your phone, including the screen. Find a cleaner that contains 70% isopropyl to clean your device. Do not use 100% alcohol cleaning products because they can damage your phone’s protective coatings. 

Visit an iDropped Franchise Location for More Help!

As we said earlier, accidents are bound to happen. Even while following cell phone safety precautions, you may still require the assistance of a cell phone repair expert to fix minor problems. Visit, message, or give us a call today!