How To Repair Your Laptop

Between remote work and virtual education, we’ve been putting our laptops to more use lately. Even with top-of-the-line models, wear and tear are bound to happen. This is due to carrying them around and dropping them, accidental spills, and general frequent use. All of this can lead to internal damage and sometimes screen damage. When this happens, your go-to solution may be to purchase a new laptop to quickly resolve the issue. However, there’s an even simpler, more affordable fix to get you back to work or school quickly.

Laptop repair experts at device repair stores, such as iDropped, can fix your laptop for much less and will have your laptop up and running again in no time! When looking for “laptop repair near me” think of iDropped as your secret weapon for device repair. 

Replacing a Laptop Screen

If you drop your laptop or somehow smash or crack its screen, it’s important to get this taken care of immediately. Should you try DIY screen replacement or repair, you could add to your laptop issues instead of resolving them. Instead of Googling how to fix it yourself, bring it into a repair shop. The technicians will be able to quickly identify what to do to fix it and make your laptop look brand new again.

Water and Liquid Damage Repair

If you spill water, coffee, or any liquid on your laptop, what comes next is very important to preserve or fix your screen. The first thing to do is unplug all the cords from the laptop. Then you should get a paper towel and dab your laptop to pick up excess liquids. Once that’s done, you’ll want to make sure all open areas, vents, etc. are clear of liquids and turn your computer over with the screen facing down. If you’re still having issues once all of these steps are completed, bring your laptop into an iDropped location right away for additional help. 

Issues are bound to happen the more we use our laptops at home and on the go. As time passes, they take a beating, and sometimes we don’t realize it until it’s too late or a major incident happens. But before thinking you need to spend $1000s on a new device, call your local iDropped store to see what the best next steps are.