Now You Can Make and Receive Calls Using Your Alexa Device

While you can use your Amazon Echo to turn on lights, listen to music, check business hours, and more, now your Alexa is connecting with your mobile service provider to make and receive calls! In the past, you were able to contact businesses, but not call your phone contacts. 

If you’ve been waiting and hoping for a way to use your Amazon Echo to make calls, the time has finally come. AT&T has partnered with Amazon to give its smartphone users the chance to pair their accounts with their Echo speakers. This means AT&T customers can make calls, receive calls and dial out using nothing more than their voice. Here’s how you can take advantage of this new feature.

This update is the development of a feature that rolled out in 2017 as part of the Amazon Echo Connect service. In the past, Echo users would need to buy a device to sync with their Amazon Echo device in order to place calls. This new feature does not require any extra devices or services to sign up. You’ll just need to connect your phone through the Alexa app and you’ll be all set!

If you’re an AT&T subscriber and excited to get started, just follow these simple three steps to sync your account with your Echo device today:

  • Open your Alexa app on your smartphone and click into the settings.
  • Click on the communication menu and select AT&T.
  • Follow the instructions given in order to complete your setup.

Once your account is set up and linked, you can begin making calls right away. Give commands such as “Alexa, call Aunt Janet” or by asking Alexa to dial specific numbers for you. Also, Alexa will now even read the caller ID for you for any incoming calls! There is also a ‘do not disturb’ function to turn away calls or notifications for a period of time.

While this function is only for AT&T customers and there’s no talk of who is next, we’re sure in the near future we will be hearing about more cellular companies partnering with Alexa or other smart devices. 

If you have any questions or concerns about your smart device, give us a call or come visit your local iDropped location today!