What To Do When Your Laptop Needs Repair

Laptops are being used much more these days with online schooling, work from home, etc. Even with the best computer out there, using them more and carting them around, screens are able to get destroyed in the process. While you may think getting a new laptop is the only option, there are easier, more affordable ways to fix your laptop issues.

A device repair shop, such as iDropped, is able to fix your laptop for much less cost and will have your laptop being good as new in no time! When looking for “laptop repair near me” think of iDropped as your number one source for a quick fix for a broken laptop screen. 

Laptop Screen Replacement

If you crack, smash, or ding your laptop screen it’s important to get this fixed right away. Problems could even arise as you try to replace the screen on your own. Whatever the case may be a laptop screen repair shop like iDropped is able to fix the issue, making your laptop look brand new. Check out our list of devices we repair.

Liquid Damage Repair

When liquid is spilled on your laptop it’s important to take the proper steps in ensuring your screen is safe. First, unplug all wires from the laptop. Next, dab with paper towels to pick up excess liquids. Next, ensure all open areas, vents, etc are clear of liquid and turn your computer over with the screen facing down. If you complete these steps and are still having issues with your laptop screen, call a laptop screen repair shop like iDropped right away.

Mistakes are easily made when your laptop is being used more and more at home and on the go. Our laptops take a beating over time and may need small repairs along the way. Before deciding to spend a large amount of money call your local iDropped store and see how we can help save you money and save your laptop.