The Top Back to School Apps to Download This School Year

The time has come. Schools will be back in session before you know it. Whether you’re learning online or in person this year, it’s important to stay organized and have the most helpful apps on your device. Once your cell phone repair is complete and your device is ready to start the new school year, it’s time to download some back to school apps to help you become more productive!

iDropped has put together a list of their favorites to share to help you be the most prepared student in class this school year.


No more writing out flashcards to study for your test. Create your flashcards on your phone or tablet to make studying anywhere a breeze! gFlash allows you to download information right from a Google Doc or Excel spreadsheet to make study prep easy and fast! Some other features include multiple-choice flashcards, YouTube video clip embedding, and matching games. The perfect app for studying on the go.


Looking to learn even more outside the classroom? Duolingo helps you learn another language with engaging and interactive games and challenges. Whether you want to learn Dutch, Danish, Turkish, or Spanish, this app will be a fun way to do so! Users earn points for correct answers and must beat the clock. Challenges will also show just how far you’ve come. Great for all ages!


This note-taking app is great for working in groups and teams especially when you’re not in the physical classroom together. Evernote organizes all your notes, files, photos, emails, and more in a way that can be easily accessed whenever you want, from any device. It allows you to collaborate with other Evernote users, making this the perfect app for group projects.


Gone are the days of forgetting to complete an assignment or writing in a student planner! MyHomework has a digital homework checklist and features helpful study reminders. It also allows instant access to assignments and due dates for upcoming papers, tests, and homework. Once you’ve finished an assignment, easily swipe to remove it off of your list. Another great app for a digital student planner is Any.Do.

Cozi Family Organizer

Perfect for students, families, and more! The Cozi app features calendar, to-do list, shopping and journal functions, and more to easily organize your family’s daily assignments, practices, and events. Color code each family member add everyone’s appointments, share the calendar, and organize your day. This app also includes a chore function that allows each member of the family to mark duties complete once they’re finished.

Whether you’re going back into the classroom or learning virtually, make sure your mobile device is in tip-top shape. If you need a device repaired, contact or visit us today!