Cyber Security Tips to Protect Your Cell Phone’s Data

The world is getting more connected now than ever due to the popularity of mobile devices. However, this can spell trouble for people as well. The more people with access means more people trying to access your data for malicious purposes. Start the new year off by protecting yourself with these cyber security tips.

Cyber Security Tips You Need to Know

Don’t Charge Your Phone in Public

This is one of the most unheralded cyber security tips. So pay attention. If you go to the mall or any large public space, you’re bound to find one of those charging stations. As you can see, people are likely to need a quick charge on their phone so these things are really popular. Unfortunately, there is a way these kiosks can hack into your phone installing malware on your device.

It’s through popular hacks called juice jacking and video jacking. Hackers will set up these charging stations in public spaces, people will need to charge their phone and use these devices. However, what users don’t know is that the minute your phone is plugged in, malware can be passed through the charging cord and uploaded to your phone.

As you can see, you should avoid these charging stations like the plague. Rather, bring your charging cord with you and be on the lookout for outlets. Nowadays, more places have easier access outlets to accommodate making the mobile device user comfortable. For more battery saving tips, check out our previous blog with more useful tips and tricks.

Download Anti-Virus Software on Your Phone

The chances are if you own some kind of computer, you have downloaded an antivirus software on it. You’d be correct in doing so considering the amount of sensitive information shared on phones. However, a survey by Kaspersky says we vastly under protect our phones from viruses. Kaspersky says only 43% of iPhones and 53% of Android phones are protected.

Additionally, due to the open-source nature of Android, Kaspersky estimates 99% of malware created through apps exist on Android. Apple has a stricter time limiting the apps it lets in on its App Store whereas Android’s more free with their app selection. Protect yourself and download some antivirus security apps on your phone.

Encrypt Your Data

Your phone passes so much data through it that you can’t afford to not have your data encrypted. It’s rather easy to do so too.

Encrypting Your Data on iOS

  • Go To Settings
  • Click Touch ID & PassCode
  • Click Enable Data Protection

Encrypting Your Data on Android

  • Go to Security
  • Tap Encrypt Phone

Now, the process to go through with this is quite exhaustive when you compare it to iOS. You must charge your device up to at least 80% battery since the process takes a little over an hour. Additionally, the device must not have root on it or not jailbroken. If you decide to encrypt your data, you can’t stop the process since you risk losing all of your data.

Contact iDropped Today for Phone Protection

These cyber security tips will hopefully protect your phone from all of the bad people trying to use your data. However, these tips can’t fix a broken screen or water damage. That’s where iDropped comes in. Our mobile device repair experts will bring your device back to new! Contact us today for more information.