Battery Life Saving Tips You May Not Know

It’s time to deck those halls. Tis the season to shell out lots of money. The holidays are great for lots of things. All of the fun, kinship, and kindness we all experience in this time is remarkable. What the holidays aren’t so great at doing is saving us some money. With Americans expected to spend more than ever, the rising cost of tech, where can we catch a break? Instead of spending thousands on new tech, here are some battery life saving tips you need to know.

4 Battery Life Saving Tips You May Not Know

Step Back & Think About The Way You Use Notifications

The great part of having your phone always around is that you’re connected to anything, anyone, & anywhere. There’s legitimately an app for everything. However, the more apps you have on your phone, the more problems there could be.

You absolutely need notifications for texts, calls, emails, and or crucial updates. However, do you really need notifications from Angry Birds every 10 minutes? A lot of this tip depends on what you need from your device. Do you need to constantly have work emails come through the minute they hit your inbox? Or can it wait an hour? Believe it or not, spending some time thinking about this can do some wonders to help your battery.

Your phone spends lots of battery every time it needs to refresh the data it ends up receiving. So if you limit your phone pulling that data, over time you’ll see decreases in battery usage.

Silence Unknown Callers

Keep getting those “robo-calls” about federal student loans or IRS Predatory scams? They could potentially be costing more than just money. Consistent calls to phones end up losing large amounts of battery!

When a call comes in, your screen lights up, the speakers turn on, and vibrations occur. This all adds up to the battery being used. It’s one thing if it’s for calls you want. It’s another thing if you don’t even want the call in the first place. Fortunately, carriers and private companies have come up with solutions to combat this. Even in iOS 13, they have a button literally called Silence Unknown Callers.

Some More Commonly Known Battery Life Saving Tips

Run Down Your Battery As Much As Possible

Sometimes technology can be considered too smart for its own good. Smartphone batteries aren’t any exception to the rule. For instance, if you charge your phone at 89% consistently, your phone is going to think that 89% of your battery is the full capacity of the battery. It notices patterns when you charge it above a higher threshold and for some reason, it takes action. As for what you should do? Wait until you actually need to charge your phone at about 20%.

Don’t Close Out All Your Apps All The Time

But wait? In the decade-plus that smartphones have been around, hasn’t the old battery saving trick has always been to close your apps from running in the background? Well, in moderation it can be helpful. However, running one app followed by going to the home screen and closing the app you just used doesn’t save battery. It actually uses more battery than you’d think. Be sure to wait until you build up a backlog of apps you could use.

Save During The Holidays With iDropped

We all like new things. It’s only natural. However, we’re at a weird moment in technology. 5G Service is being worked on by major carriers but isn’t nationwide nor does it pretend to be. Buying that new iPhone right now to become 5G ready isn’t possible since they aren’t 5G ready. So in the meanwhile, have iDropped look at your device and make it run like now. Contact us now to get a quote on your device repair. Do you have any more battery life saving tips you’ve seen that have worked? Let us know what you’ve found!