Why You Should Keep Your Old Phone

The need to purchase a new phone every 2 years or so has declined. Here’s why we think it’s best to hold on to your current phone instead of opting for a new one:

1. Minimal Improvements

While smartphones are becoming more advanced, the margin of improvement tends to be slim. If your phone is still in decent shape, there won’t be much value in an upgrade. If the bulk of your phone usage is taking photos, it’s likely that your current phone model is good enough to continue using.

2. Expensive Flagships

We are now seeing flagship devices at the $1,000+ mark. Many brands attribute the price increase to paying for innovation, but that’s not always the case. While phones are better and more diverse than ever, the yearly innovations don’t really warrant the higher price tags each year.

3.  Updates and New Apps

You might think you need a new phone to update or use certain apps, but that is a myth. This is mostly untrue because most devices are updated on a regular basis, and new apps, as well as newer versions of apps, will remain available for you to download.

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