The 4 Scariest Mobile Device Repair Issues

Nothing is as terrifying as when your phone slips from your hand and you hear that inevitable sound of your brand new iPhone hitting the ground. You reach down and pick it up with sheer terror, knowing that it’s not going to be good. You flip it over to find that just as you were expecting – the entire screen is covered with “cobwebs”. Now what?

Whatever you do, don’t shell out a ton of cash on a new one. At iDropped, mobile device repair is what we do. So no matter how scary the job is, iDropped will take care of it for you, even these scary issues.

4 of the Scariest Mobile Device Repair Issues

Broken Glass

Don’t sweat it with broken glass – believe it or not, this is the most common mobile device repair needs an iPhone, laptop, or any device has. It’s also the easiest to repair. That’s why devices that only have a broken screen will still end up going for a high bid on auction.

Backlight Leakage Problem

Backlight leakage can happen when the light behind the screen isn’t fully covered. This can lead to spots of lighter areas when you have a dark screen. It’s like shining a flashlight on your hand – you’ll still be able to see some light through the cracks between your fingers. Just as with a dead pixel, devices with backlight damage are still repairable (although it’s more challenging).

Touch Screen Not Responding

When the touch screen on your device is not responding, it could be caused by a number of things – like cable damage, or broken LCD. In some cases this is repairable. Bring your device into iDropped to have one of our trained technicians take a look and evaluate it.

Pressure Spot

A pressure spot is a circle “bubble” on the screen of your device. Often it is caused by extreme pressure on the screen of your device which damages the LCD screen. It can happen when you drop your phone if something heavy were to fall on it or be pushed up against your phone with extreme force. Unfortunately, these screens are not replaceable.

Whether it’s a broken screen, an issue with the display or your screen isn’t responding as it should – bring your device into iDropped. One of our trained technicians with evaluating and repair your device saving you a ton of money! Contact us today for more information.