How to Turn Your Smartphone into a Desktop

Smartphones truly are multifunctional and powerful. They can be used to replace dozens of things you might need to carry around with you – like a flashlight, calculator, games, entertainment to checking your email and taking work meetings on the go. But did you know that your smartphone can also be used as a desktop computer? That’s right! With the help of a few external tools, you could easily learn how to turn your smartphone into a desktop. A few components you’d need to do this are:

  • External Display
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard

Connecting to an External Display

We all know smartphones are basically miniature sized PCs that we carry around with us. However, one of the biggest things limiting smartphones is their screen size. Connecting to an external display will not only give your phone more of a desktop look and feel but also provide a better viewing experience.

Whether it’s an oversized TV or a more traditional PC monitor – the easiest way to connect is the use of a Bluetooth plugin or device like ChromeCast (for Android devices). Otherwise, you may need to use an Apple TV if you own an Apple phone with AirPlay. You can cast your phone screen onto the external display. No cables or mess required!

Wired Connections

Although using wired connections might seem more appealing due to no latency, they can often be more of a hassle due to the initial set up. Between different makes and models of phones, there are varying ports which can make using wired connections a bit more challenging. The Lightning port is the single standard among iOS devices while Android smartphones have slowly transitioned from micro USB to the newer USB Type-C format.

USB Type-C connections, you may still need to buy an adapter if your external display doesn’t feature USB Type-C ports. However, if you have USB Type-C adapter hubs that may have come with a newer laptop, you could use that to connect to an external display using an HDMI connection. iOS devices would require a Lightning to HDMI adapter so you can connect your iPhone to your TV easily.

Setting Up Mouse & Keyboard

In order to complete learning how to turn your smartphone into a desktop, you’ll need to connect to a mouse and keyboard. Hands down, the easiest way to do this is by using Bluetooth enabled ones. With an Android device it’s pretty simple – just connect as you would any laptop. However, for iPhones, not all mouses will be able to connect. You’ll need to make sure to find one that is compatible. You shouldn’t have this problem with the keyboard

However, if you still preferred to use wired tools – you’re going to need to purchase additional adapters in order to achieve that. With an Apple device, there are no options for this. You must use a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard!

Ready, Set, Go!

Now that you have everything you need to create the true desktop experience, you’re ready to start computing on the go! Even though this solution won’t entirely replace a desktop computer – it’s an option that is worth checking out. If you’re on the go and really need to get some work done that you feel you can’t with limited screen size – just bring along a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse and a ChromeCast (if you have an Android) that you can plug into most screens. Then you’re ready to go! You can basically set up anywhere!

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