Battery Life Saving Tips You Need to Know

Why spend thousands on new devices when you can preserve your current one? Here are some battery life-saving tips you need to know.

Notification Usage

Having your phone readily available is great. It connects you with friends, family, and more. There’s probably an app for everything. But did you know – the more apps you have on your phone, the more problems you could have?

You definitely need notifications for texts, calls, and other updates. But, do you really need notifications from TikTok or YouTube every 10 minutes? This tip is dependent on what you need personally. If certain notifications can wait, let them. Instead of being notified of an email every time a new one comes in, adjust notifications to be every hour instead.

Run Down Your Battery

Running down your battery may sound counter-productive, but actually, it’s very helpful. For example, if you charge your phone at certain percentage consistently, your phone is going to think that certain percentage is the full capacity of your battery. It’s smart enough to pick up on patterns when you charge it above a higher amount, it responds to that by adjusting to it. When charging your phone, try waiting until it’s absolutely necessary to recharge, like when it reaches about 15%.

App Closeout

You may have an understanding that closing out all your unused apps running in the background saves battery power. That’s true, but only in moderation. Running one app, then going to the home screen and closing the app you just used actually doesn’t save much battery power at all. Actually, it can use more battery power.

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