6 Mobile Device Photography Tips Improving Your Pictures

From family vacations, weddings, and keepsake moments, we’ve all had our fair share of throwaway photos taken on our mobile device. Unfortunately, we can’t go back and fix these photos. Plus, a filter can only do so much! Check out these tips for top quality shots before you next big outing and ditch the filters.

Mobile Device Photography Tips

Using HDR Mode

Most times we turn off HDR (high dynamic range) mode since HDR mode is known to take up more memory when in use. However, they take up more room for a reason! They’re actually made up of the best parts of multiple photos taken in rapid succession. Essentially it brings out the details in the darkest and lightest parts of your picture and balances everything out.

Capturing the Right Lighting

The right lighting is key to capturing the perfect photo. Unless you’re a professional photographer, chances are you’re not carrying around a lighting set. However, great news – You can still get a great picture just by using your hand! Just hold your hand out vertically in front of you as if you were going to give someone a high five. Then just move around until that entire side of your hand is evenly covered with soft light lacking any shadows, or particular spots of light.

Zooming In

You should know that zooming in with your camera feature will drastically lower your picture quality. If possible, just step closer to get a better shot rather than using the zoom in on the camera.

Taking More

Getting the perfect shot with a group of people or kids can sometimes seem like an impossible task. By holding down the shutter button, your camera will automatically take a series of photos back to back. This way you can choose which one is best!

Stepping Back

Ever wonder how the professionals get so many good shots? They take so many of them! And, they take the same exact one from many different angles and distances. You can take a few steps back and get more of the background or take a few steps closer to get more of someones face to capture emotion.

Steadier Shot

Smartphones are infamous for leaving you with many shakey photos. You could use a tripod but it’s not the most convenient setup and chances are you’re looking to eliminate unnecessary baggage. As an alternative, you can easily just lean upon a sturdy surface. This is especially important in low-light situations.

Now you can go ahead and leave your professional camera at home and get some great memorable photos without the hassle of adding a filter. Should your equipment break, feel free to contact iDropped and see what we can do to repair your mobile device.