5 Reasons to Keep Your Old iPhone

There used to be a time when you’d see hundreds of people lined up outside the Apple store and service carriers waiting for the newest and next greatest iPhone to be released. However, consumers just aren’t making the effort to upgrade their phones as frequently as they used to and Apple sales are proving it. In fact, they are projecting to make nearly 5 billion less than they had previously expected.

Although Apple is attempting to keep up with the modern consumer’s needs with new features, it’s just not making the cut. Many loyal Apple consumers are opting to hold onto their last purchase – here’s why you might want to hold onto your older iPhone too.

Cheap Battery Replacement

Recently, Apple released a performance-throttling Battery Health feature which is giving iPhones everywhere a new lease on life.

However, if your iPhone battery still isn’t holding up, you can easily just replace it. Battery replacements used to cost over $100 but now you can have your old one swapped out for as little as $49. And for the price of a single week’s worth of your favorite coffee, you basically have yourself a brand new phone!

Higher Prices

Every year the price for a new phone just keeps going up. This year’s base model, iPhone XR comes with a hefty price point starting at $749 with little improvements on performance and features. And if you’re desperate for more storage than what the base XR has to offer, you’ll need to shell out at least another $50. This can be an incentive for most to hold on to last year’s model.

No Carrier Subsidies

It used to be that no one would ever have to pay for the full price of their shiny new phone. However, in recent years, we now must pay off the full price of our phone with monthly payments making it harder to upgrade.

iOS 12 Made Phones Faster

Historically iPhones have been known to slow down shortly after an iOS update. However, with the new iOS 12 update, you can keep your iPhone around for at least another year. iOS 12 will work on any device that supports iOS 11.

Designed To Last

iPhones have a bad rap for their screens. All it takes is one drop and you’re looking at a bill for a screen repair! Within recent years, Apple has been improving its materials used in their phones to improve their lifespan. And when your iPhone is finally ready to go to the iPhone graveyard, you don’t have to be concerned because most of the materials are recyclable!

In all, you may want to consider holding onto your current iPhone for at least another year. From more durable materials, more affordable battery replacements, lack of new features in exchange for an infinitely rising price point for a newer model just isn’t making the cut anymore. Contact iDropped today to find out how we can help you keep your old iPhone around a lot longer! We repair iPhones, iPads, iPods, Samsung Galaxy, select Android Devices, plus Laptop and Computer screens.